700Credit Integration

This article goes over 700Credit and its partnership with Orbee.

Product Overview

  • LOGO700Credit is a conversion tool that allows customers to check their credit to prescreen and allow pre-qualification solutions to dealerships.
  • 700Credit has compliance solutions for constantly-changing laws.
  • They also have web-based Quick Qualify and Quick Application credit solutions which help your dealership drive sales, finance leads, and provide opportunities. 
    • These credit applications do not require a date of birth or social security number and do not affect the customers' credit score.
  • With 700Credit, it's been proven to increase lead volume by as much as 300-400% through soft-pull solutions.

Partnership with Orbee

  • Detailed lead and credit information is securely shared with your Orbee Platform and is aggregated with your first-party data and data provided by the other Orbee+ partners
    • This aggregation of data allows you to:
      • Efficiently optimize ads and ad budgets
      • Better personalize car shopper experiences
      • Build enhanced shopper profiles
      • Drive more traffic to inventory and lead generation forms
  • We track when they access and submit the form, which allows us to see if they've started filling out the form and whether or not they have submitted.
    • If they have not submitted the form, we can retarget the users based on their website activity (what cars they have viewed, or if they were looking at the service department) and show them advertisements based on their preferences.
      • This will hopefully lead them to fill out the form, completing a conversion for your dealership.

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 10:44 AM

If you're ready to integrate 700Credit and your Platform analytics, feel free to contact us!