Automated Emails with Orbee

What kind of automated emails does Orbee offer?

  • Return Shopper Emails
    • "Return Shopper" emails send an email to shoppers that have returned and viewed vehicles on your website
  • "Favorited Vehicles" emails show your shoppers the vehicles they marked as a favorite vehicle using the Favorites On-site Plugin
  • Lead Reactivation Reports provide your dealership with a list of returning customers from the website
  • "Price Alert" emails send an email to your shoppers if there has been a lowered price on the vehicle 

How are automated emails beneficial to my dealership?

Automated emails are beneficial to your dealership because these emails are personalized to your customers. Emails that are personalized have a higher click-through-rate and an increased chance of conversion, and your dealership would only need to install the script on your website.

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 11:41 AM