Automated Video Advertisements with Orbee

This article goes over the automated video ads that Orbee offers for your dealership.

Automated Video Advertisements

One of the products that Orbee offers for your dealership is automated video advertisements. We can assist you in creating these videos and use them to post on various advertising platforms, expanding the types of ads that your dealership offers.

What kind of videos can I create?

These videos that your dealership can generate use a simple process and can create videos of: 
  • Walkarounds (of the vehicle or the dealership)
  • Special Offers
  • Sales Greetings
  • Service Specials
  • Service Diagnostics
  • Custom Videos (anything you want to advertise)

What are the requirements for the videos?

  • Special details (pricing, disclaimers, other important information)
  • Voiceover or no voiceover
  • Dealership Logo
  • Dealership URL
  • Dealership Video Clips (not a requirement but can increase engagement)

Why should I use automated video advertisements?

Video advertisements grab the attention of potential customers and allow your dealership to provide several forms of media for your shoppers.
  • These videos can be used as YouTube advertisements 
  • If you do advertising on social media platforms, you can use these videos for your social media advertising
    • Orbee can help you post these videos on Facebook 
  • These videos provide a visual of your dealership and its vehicles so that your customers can get a better understanding of what you have to offer in a quick video 

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 12:29 PM

Please contact us if you'd like to get started on these automated videos.