What are Orbee On-site Banner Advertisements?

This article will go over Orbee's banner advertisements for your dealership's website.

What are Orbee banner advertisements?

  • Similar to Google's Display Advertisements, Orbee can also create rotating advertisements on your website
  • These advertisements will be banner advertisements similar to the image below:

  • Our team works together to create these advertisements for your car dealership's website.

How does this process work?

  • Your dealership will work with our customer operations manager to decide on the placement of these advertisements
  • You will also work with our graphic designer to create advertisements that cater to your needs
  • Once we have your placement and creatives, we will send you instructions for your web vendor to place the necessary elements on your page(s)

How is beneficial for my dealership?

  • You can decide on a rotation of advertisements that link directly to the VDPs or SRPs on your dealership's website
  • Creatives made by Orbee are put directly on your website
  • If the vehicle is sold, we can change or remove the advertisement
    • We also have the ability to change the price on the advertisements if your website changes the price of the vehicle
  • We can track the users clicking on these advertisements using the Orbee Platform
  • These advertisements will be specific to your website and the vehicles from your car dealership

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

If you have any questions regarding these banner advertisements, feel free to contact us!