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Best Practices for Email UTM Parameters

This article provides tips for tagging email campaigns with UTM parameters.

What are UTM Parameters and why tag my email campaigns?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters are tags that you add to the end of a URL to allow for tracking. You can also read more about UTM parameters on the Knowledge Base. 

When sending out campaigns using email, you can attach tags at the end of URLs that link to your website. 

If you send out emails for A/B testing, you can see which emails are getting more frequently clicked and review what makes that email more appealing to your email subscribers to continue using a similar email style to the one that did better. 

Adding UTM parameters to your emails will also help you determine what kind of subscribers and you can also see which links they are clicking to access your website. By adding UTM parameters, you will be able to better track the different email performances, engagement, and even conversions. 

Tips for Email UTM Parameters

UTM Medium (utm_medium)

  • The medium for your email campaigns is simple! It should be utm_medium=email.
  • Using email is simple and makes it easier to keep track of. You can be more detailed in campaign or content UTMs

UTM Source (utm_source)

  • Typically, the source for email campaigns can be:
    • The name of the email provider
    • The type of email that is being sent (newsletter, website)
    • It could also be a mix of both the email provider and the type of email being sent 

UTM Campaign (utm_campaign)

  • Without a campaign UTM parameter tagged to your email campaigns, you would not know how each of your campaigns compares to each other.
  • Utm_campaign should be listed as the email campaign name
    • For example, we provide an email service that sends retargeting emails to your customers. The campaign name for this product is still_shopping

UTM Content (utm_content)

  • Utm_content is optional, but it can be useful if you choose to add this parameter in your URL
  • The content UTM parameter can represent a CTA (Call To Action) button, or a creative that links to your website

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019 9:24 AM

If you have any more questions regarding email UTM parameters, feel free to contact an Orbee representative, and we will be happy to assist you!