Getting the Best Out of Call Reports


Many of our Platform users tend to overlook the Call Reports section of the Platform. This section can be very beneficial to your car dealership, especially if you would like to see if your visitors are converting from a specific source.

Calling your dealership is considered a conversion, and seeing where they are coming from can help you make better marketing efforts in this specific area of your marketing.

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Calls Comparison By Call Origin

The first graph that appears in this section of the Platform will be a bar graph comparing the number of callers and the number of callers for all of the call origins. This gives you a quick look at the call origins and the listed metrics.

Many dealerships consider filling out a form as an important lead, but when you speak to a potential customer over the phone, you can convince them to come in to check out a vehicle and test drive the vehicle. Some buyers prefer to be called over email. Some emails can also be overlooked. 

Calls by Day

Calls by Day is a line graph that can be changed from the bar graph by selecting the line graph icon on the top right next to Comparisons. You will also see the number of calls, the number of callers, and the average call duration. This time, the graph is comparing these metrics within the selected date range.

This graph can help you determine where in the month there were the most calls, and you can compare these numbers to any campaigns you placed live. If you compare these two, you will be able to see which campaigns worked for your dealership and provided you with more conversions and leads.

Call Logs

Call Logs can provide you with important information about your future customers and the origin of these calls. We believe that Call Status is an important dimension that is on this table because you can see whether the call was completed or if there was no answer. If you see that there are many calls that are left unanswered, you may realize that there might be something that is not working properly for the phone call. The call day and time are also important dimensions on this table because you can see where the most calls are being made throughout the week and during a specific time. Knowing this information can help you ensure someone at your dealership is ready to answer the phone when there is a potential customer on the line. 

Last Updated: June 4, 2020 11:20 AM

If you have any other questions regarding the Platform or Call Reports, please contact us!