Brand Network (GoLocal App) Partnership

This article goes over our partnership with Brand Network (GoLocal App).

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Product Overview

  • Brand Network (GoLocal App) allows for your dealership to create social advertisements that are hyper-local and authentic
  • These advertisements allow your dealer to amplify your local voice by reaching audiences using hyper-local paid media focused on the individual store location
    • You will be able to leverage first-party audiences and lookalike modeling to find the best prospects
  • You will be able to get local reporting that matters
    • This allows your dealership to review holistic performance across national, regional, and local stores
      • You will be able to unlock location-level insights and link them to offline events like food traffic and store purchases
  • There will be support and guidance every step of the way
    • Orbee can help you meet your goals because of our trained teams
    • We will have opportunities to build content templates and galleries and provide strategic support

Integration & Partnership

National to Local Management

  • Desktop app for regional/marketing teams to manage multi-location campaigns
  • Mobile app for stores to easily activate local Facebook advertising

Feed Based Ad-Maker

  • Automatically create and launch customized ads based on inventory level or location feeds

Rules-Based Automation

  • Access to rule-based automation tools for auto-promotion, weather triggers, ad scheduling, and more!

Data Management Tool

  • Activate first-party store data securely
  • Flexible deployment options to fit your infrastructure

Local Campaign Reporting

  • Access to Monitor & Analyze to track campaign performance
  • Automated scheduled reporting

How will this work for dealerships?

  • Your dealership will have access to Brand Network's GoLocal app and you will have the ability to create campaigns.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:17 AM

If you would like to use Brand Network, please feel free to contact us at Orbee.