Why do some campaigns have a higher bounce rate than others?

Your car dealership may be concerned about the different bounce rates for each campaign. In this article, we will be going over the different mediums and why they have specific tendencies to be at either a higher or lower bounce rate.

  • Organic
    • The True Bounce Rate for organic search is normally low because a user is looking for your car dealership when typing into a search engine 
  • CPC
    • CPC (cost per click) campaigns will start to increase in the True Bounce Rate because it is a paid advertisement and users have a tendency to not click on ads as compared to an organic search 
  • Carousel
    • Carousel advertisements are typically shown on social media platforms and show two or more images or videos; you scroll through these advertisements and they appear in your feed 
    • On the Platform, these ads will have a higher bounce rate than organic search. Users normally view social media platforms using their mobile devices and if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, they are more likely to bounce.
    • Because users are using a mobile device, they may also be more likely to click on the advertisement by mistake and then leave once they realize they clicked an advertisement
  • Display
    • Display ads are offered on both search engines and social media platforms
    • These advertisements will have a higher bounce rate because they are displayed to a wider audience 
    • The intent rate for this audience is often lower because the advertisement is shown to such a large audience. Even though a user may click on the advertisement to go on your website and want to buy a car, they may not want to at that moment.
  • Referral
    • On the Orbee Platform, referral mediums generally mean that the medium was not tagged or that the source is a website that put your car dealership's website on their website, and from there, a user is able to click a link to get to your site.
    • Referrals vary in their bounce rate. Depending on where you purchase your referrals from, they can provide you with visitors that intend on bouncing from your site sooner.
  • Email
    • Email campaigns generally have a better True Bounce Rate because users choose to sign up for your newsletter or to get more information. 
    • The user was already interested in your car dealership by inputting their email in a form, so they are more likely to click on the email advertisements. This will result in a lower bounce rate (if they intend on receiving a service or purchasing a car) 

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:22 AM

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