Why are my campaigns not spending on pace with my budget?

There are two reasons as to why your campaigns are not spending on pace with your budget.

1. Changes to the ad account

  • If the ad account has made any changes, Google has a learning period to better optimize your ads
    • These changes are done either by Orbee or by your dealership
  • These periods result in reduced spend because Google does not take advantage of all available opportunities when it is re-optimizing your account base on these new changes

    2. The ad account is new

    • If your ad account is new, your campaigns will not spend on pace with your budget because of its status
      • The audience is being built up with a new account, leading to limited targeting options
      • All the advertisements need to be reviewed by Google (this could mean thousands of ads that are posted, which can lead to a longer approval time)
      • Conversion optimizations are also new, which requires more time to increase the availability of opportunities

    Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020 10:14 AM

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