Creating a Google Ads Account

This instructional guide will teach you how to create a Google Ads account.

Please refer to Google's Support Website to learn more about linking accounts, manager accounts, and administrative access.

If you wish to learn more about Google Ads and campaign creation, Google Ad Academy is a great free online resource dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of marketing through Google Ads.

Why have your own Google Ads account?

Having your own Google Ads account allows you, the dealership, to take control of your own information. Bringing transparency to your Ad spend allows you to see where and what you are spending your budget on. You also have more access to the data gathered from Google Ads about your audience and reach. And in the event of transitioning ad agencies, you get to keep your user data.

*Note: It is highly recommended that you use a Google Ads email that is specific for Google Ads or Google Analytics (ex. because your car dealership may not have you using the account in the future. You should not use a personal email account.

Creating a Google Ads account

  1. If you already have a Google Ads account, skip to step 4 for your Customer ID number. If you do not have a Google Ads account, sign in to your Google account and begin to create your Google Ads account here:

  2. When prompted to the screen below, select "New Google Ads Account."  If you would like to create the Google Ad account from another Gmail account, select "Switch Google Account."

  3. You will need to fill out your business name and your business' website URL. After doing, so you will reach this page. Click Explore more campaign options and tools.
  4. After you reach the screen below, select "Create an account without a campaign."
  5. The final step is going to be "Confirm your business information."  Please ensure your country, time zone, and currency are correct.

    *Note: Make sure this information is accurate as you will NOT be able to change these settings later

  6. Congrats! You're all done! Select "Explore your account" to view your new Google Ads Account.

Last Updated: June 3, 2020 3:51 PM