Customized Email Campaigns

Orbee offers customized email campaigns for your dealership.

What are customized email campaigns?

  • Custom email campaigns allow your dealership to send emails to your customers using Orbee's email service.
  • Your dealership can request that Orbee creates your email design or you can provide an email template that you would like to use and send to your customers

How is this beneficial to your dealership?

  • Orbee places click trackers on your email campaigns and show the reports on the Clicks section of Platform
    • You can view which users are clicking on your email campaigns 
    • You can do A/B testing with your emails and see which email campaigns have the highest clickthrough-rate and use this knowledge to send more emails with that same strategy
  • We can send emails to all your customers, or specific customers that are looking for service or a specific vehicle

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 3:16 PM

To begin custom email campaigns, please contact us at Orbee.