What are the different creatives that Orbee offers?

This article will go over the different creatives that Orbee offers your car dealership.

What does the creatives package include?

Each month, your car dealership will send us the incentives and special deals from your car dealership. Each incentive will include the following:

  • 1 website banner
  • 3 image advertisements
  • 2 responsive display advertisements
  • 2 Facebook advertisements

Google Advertisements

  • Responsive display ads
  • Display image advertisements

Facebook Advertisements

  • Facebook Carousel Advertisements (1080x1080 px)
  • Facebook Display Ads (1200x628 px) 
    • Desktop Facebook Display Advertisements
    • Mobile Facebook Display Advertisements

Website Advertisements

  • As part of your package, we have also included one website banner per incentive
  • These vary in size depending on the web vendor
    • CDK: 1600x686 px
    • Dealer.com: 1680x540 px

  • Other website creatives will need to be requested 

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

If you would like to request anything for your website or if you have any questions about creatives, please feel free to contact an Orbee representative.