How to tailor your digital marketing service strategy

This article goes over how to tailor your digital marketing strategy for service.

Before we start

  • Do note that these are recommendations from Orbee on how to strategize for your digital marketing efforts towards your dealership's service department
  • The two phases that are listed can be adjusted as needed and are suggestions made by the Orbee team to help you determine how you would like to determine your digital marketing decisions
  • We have two suggested Phases:

Phase One

Phase One is the first path Orbee recommends your dealership should follow for your service department
  1. The Pop-Up Lead Form is a product that we offer that allows a pop-up to display on the desired page(s) on your website.
    • You can set specific events or times for this form to appear to your shoppers. For example, if your shoppers have viewed the service department page and return at a later time to the same page, you can display the pop-up and offer a coupon for service.
  2. For Google Ads, your dealership can offer promotional extension offers. Promotional extensions allow your advertisements to stand out to potential customers so they can spot great deals and generate new sales for your business.
    • These advertisements attract customers who are searching for special offers and sales that are relevant to your dealership
  3. We can also create and post Display Advertisements on Google Ads that retarget specific shoppers 
    • We will retarget these customers by using keywords and ensuring your ads show up against competitors
  4. We can also create Website Banners with a service incentive to display on your website 
    • Website Banners are displayed on your website using a large creative that grabs the attention of shoppers
    • You can provide service shoppers with a website banner specific to what they are shopping for 

Phase Two 

After completing Phase One, Phase Two is the next step to ensure your service advertisements are receiving exposure on all platforms available 
  1. Facebook Retargeting allows your advertisements to be posted using this social media platform
    • With Facebook retargeting, you can display ads to those who have previously visited your website looking for service 
    • We can use a current customer list using fixed operations and sales leads
  2. Yelp Ads is another advertising platform that is recommended by Orbee. 
    • With Orbee's partnership with Yelp Ads, your dealership can benefit from the perks of choosing Orbee for your Yelp Advertisements
    • Setting up a Yelp page for your dealership is crucial because it allows users to call your dealership and navigate to your dealership right from the app. It also allows shoppers to ask questions, and see the hours of operation.
  3. Orbee offers Website Retargeting Emails to your shoppers to remind them of cars they have viewed recently
    • These emails also provide price changes, or if a vehicle that they were looking at is almost sold out
    • This product allows for personalization and provides your shoppers with a reminder of the cars they were viewing
  4. Orbee can assist your dealership with setting up a Google My Business account.
    • With a Google My Business account, your dealership will show up on a side panel or near the top of search results if your dealership has a Google My Business account
    • This will allow shoppers to view your hours of operation, call your business, and locate your business. 

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2020 11:46 AM

If you have any questions regarding these phases or what Orbee can do for your dealership in regards to service advertisements, please feel free to contact us.