What is email marketing verification?

Orbee’s email marketing verification helps ensure the success of each and every email sent from Orbee’s Email Marketing service by adding a mystery shopper.

What is a mystery shopper?

Think of mystery shoppers as "undercover customers" added to observe & report on the successful receipt of your emails.

How does it work?

A mystery shopper is added to each and every email scheduled from Orbee's Email Marketing product.  Our system verifies that each email sent to the mystery shopper is in fact received in the mystery shopper email inbox.

What are the different statuses?


  • The sent email was confirmed as sent & received by our mystery shopper.


  • The sent email was not received by our mystery shopper. Additional action may be required, please reach out to your account executive if you have any questions.


  • Our system is in the progress of observing the sent email. 


  • Email verification is not enabled on this email because the email has not yet been sent.

If an email was sent before the availability of the mystery shopper feature then the verification status will be marked "--"