How To Set Up Your DNS For Facebook Ads Domain Verification

This guide walks through the steps outlined by Facebook to set up your DNS

Learn more about Facebook domain verification here.

*An internal IT specialist or someone with access to your domain registrar (Go Daddy, Google Domains) will be needed to complete the domain verification process.

Orbee’s team can also help facilitate making the DNS changes if your dealership prefers or does not have an internal IT specialist. All we would need from you is the login information for your domain registrar (the website used to manage your domain).

Use the following process for DNS Verification:

Add a DNS TXT record to your domain host to prove that you own the domain. Most domain hosts allow this, but the specific steps for each service will vary. If you need help, please contact your domain host's support team or check their documentation.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Login to your domain registrar and visit the DNS records section.

  2. Add the TXT record in your DNS configuration

  3. Add @ in the Host field (if your domain host requires it)

  4. Wait until your DNS configuration changes have spread across your website's domain servers (this may take up to 72 hours), then your domain is ready to be verified.

Remember, Orbee is always here to help! If you get lost at any point throughout this process, feel free to reach out.