Gubagoo Integration

Product Overview

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Gubagoo offers car dealerships' a live chat on their website. Gubagoo offers inventory in chats and texts. There is also an option to video call with customers. You can push incentives to customers in chat to increase conversion. With Gubagoo, your visitors can book appointments with the service department as well.

Orbee Integration

With an Orbee Integration, we can track two of Gubagoo's chat activities:

  1. When a customer starts a chat
  2. When a customer submits a chat
    • Once a customer submits the chat, Orbee will be able to receive the VIN of the vehicle they were viewing

Being able to track these two activities on Gubagoo, we can determine when a shopper completes a converting action. 

To get the Gubagoo integration started, please contact an Orbee representative and we will send an email to your dealership for approval.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:17 AM

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