What does the "Hold this Vehicle" plugin do?

This article will discuss the "Hold this Vehicle" plugin for your dealership's website.

What is this plugin?

  • At Orbee, we offer the Hold this Vehicle plugin for your dealership's website.

  • This plugin allows your customers to put a deposit to hold the vehicle they would like to purchase. 
    • If your customer is not able to come to the car dealership that day for that specific vehicle, this plugin lets them hold the car for 24 hours
  • The customer will need to entire their credit card information using Stripe, an online payment system 
  • This button is placed on your website on whatever pages you want to put it on
    • You also have the choice of setting up a pop-up for the pages you prefer to put it on
  • We do recommend that you put this button on the VDPs and SRPs so that your visitors know that there is an option to hold the vehicle they are shopping for

How do I get started?

  • Orbee's customer operations manager will help you get started by sending you detailed instructions on how to install this plugin
  • You will need the Orbee Script installed on your website before continuing. 
  • These instructions will be sent to you and your web vendor.
  • Your web vendor will install the elements on the correct pages.
  • The customer operations manager will confirm the installation and request any revisions if necessary
  • Orbee's software engineer will help set up the payment system and double-check the installation of the elements
  • Once everything looks good to go, we will enable the plugin on your website!

How is this beneficial for my car dealership?

  • Your customer may have a vehicle that they are interested in purchasing that has specifications that are difficult to find
    • If they know they want the vehicle, they can hold it without worrying that it might get sold
  • You can customize it to your liking with a specific button color

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

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