How to create Google Analytics (GA) Goals with your segments

Creating Goals within your GA account allow you to set up conversions in Google Ads, as well as monitor specific website analytics.

Create a new view for your property

If you would like to create a new GA for your goals, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the relevant GA property in Google Analytics.

  2. Click the gear in the bottom left corner of the page to open the Admin setting.

  3. Click + Create View and title your new View

Create a new Goal with your segments

  1. Click Goals within the relevant View

  2. Click + New Goal

  3. Select Custom for the Goal setup type

  4. Open the document provided by the our team to find your segment labels for GA Goal setup.

  5. Assign a name for the goal you are creating. The document from our team will have a suggested name as well.

    1. Assign a Name

    2. Select an unused Goal slot ID from the dropdown

    3. Select the type: Event

  6. Get the Category value from the document for the Goal you are creating.

    1. Paste the Category value in the text box

    2. Verify that the operator is set to Equals to

  7. Click SAVE. You will repeat the steps to create any additional Goals.