How to link your Google Ads account to your GA properties

To ensure the Google Analytics account is correctly linked to the Google Ads account, you will need to do the following in your Google Analytics account.

  1. Click on “Admin” and select “Google Ads Links”

  2. Select the Google Ads account that you want to link

    1. If no accounts exist, click on “+New Link Group”

  3. Under “Select the Google Ads accounts you want to link”, click edit

    1. Then select the Google Ads account you want to link

    2. Double check that the Google Ads CID matches the CID in your Google Ads account

  4. Select “Link Configuration”

    1. Make sure the Analytics view that you will be reporting conversions is in the ON position

      1. If it’s not, switch ON the view you would like to link

  5. Click “Save”

Your Google Ads account is now linked to your Google Analytics. Allow up to 24 hours for this view to show in Google Ads