Why should I use Orbee's implementation of Facebook Pixel to create audiences?

This article goes over the significance of Orbee's implementation of the Facebook Pixel.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a script that is added on to your website by Orbee. The Facebook Pixel tracks website activity to help retarget shoppers that visit your website based on their activity for a more personalized advertising experience. It also helps track conversions and actions to measure the success of your Facebook campaigns on the Facebook Business Manager.

Orbee's implementation of the Facebook Pixel 

  • We deploy the Facebook Pixel in coordination with Orbee's Facebook Pixel
  • Orbee groups users based on the shopper's website actions which are obtained through the Facebook Pixel
  • We create unique events and segments that are not available in the Facebook user interface by using Orbee's tracker to identify events and segments. We send these events and segments to the Facebook Pixel and synchronize with Orbee's Facebook Pixel 
    • We can track the page views of the car model that the shopper viewed
    • We can also create groups of users that dealers would want to retarget based on their requests. These requests can depend on if the shopper is:
      • A new visit, new visitor, if they view a specific page
      • If they came from a specific source/medium/campaign
      • If they have visited before
      • If they view a number of pages
      • If they visited before during a specific time period
  • These audiences that Orbee creates are automotive-specific 
  • We can adjust which groups to retarget 
  • Once we create these custom audiences from retargeting, we can create lookalike audiences 
    • This information stems from the Orbee tracking from the Facebook Pixel

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

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