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What is Intent Rate?

The definition of Intent is measured by the engagement of a visitor. 

The Intent Rate on the Orbee Platform is calculated in several ways. This includes:

    • Conversion
    • Visiting the home page, a Search Results Page (SRP), and a Vehicle Description Page (VDP)
    • General Site Engagement: when a user clicks over eight buttons or links and views two pages during a visit
    • Visiting a contact page and a VDP during a visit
    • Clicking more than two images during a visit
    • Viewing more than two VDPs during a visit
    • Completes a conversion during a visit (See converting action)

To calculate this percentage, we look at the number of total visitors by the number of visitors that have completed any of the actions listed above.

You can also learn about intent count, which is the number of visitors who have the intent to purchase. 

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2020 12:01 PM