What is Inventory Connect?

This article over Inventory Connect for your dealership and its benefits.

What is Inventory Connect?

Inventory Connect allows us to work with your inventory feed provider to create advertisements for your dealership. We work with your inventory feed provider in order to obtain the vehicles that are currently in your dealership's inventory to provide vehicle-specific advertisements. Knowing which vehicles are in inventory and which are not are beneficial to your advertising efforts.

Inventory connect uses different feeds to gather data about the vehicles in your inventory and use this data to create Google search advertisements that are templatized, which allows your dealership to post hundreds of ads at once with ease. Some examples include specific models, make and model, VIN specific, new and used cars. Orbee creates these advertisements using your inventory list and updates them automatically if there are any changes.

How is Inventory Connect beneficial for my dealership?

  • Orbee's technology allows us to automatically adjust advertisements if:
    • The VDP is no longer located for the vehicle, which automatically shuts of advertisements for that vehicle and saves your dealership advertising dollars
    • The prices change on the VDP. We will shut off these advertisements and if your dealership does creatives with us, we can update the ads in-house and set them live as soon as possible
  • On the Orbee Platform:
    • You can create vehicle sets which allow us to create advertisements based on your dealership's needs
    • You can determine which vehicles you have in your inventory to create advertisements for by looking at the number of shoppers that view that vehicle to the number of vehicles you have in stock in New Car Shoppers Analysis 

Having Inventory Connect will allow us to better manage your advertisements, especially VIN specific advertisements, which in turn will provide your dealership with the best experience for your advertising efforts.

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2020 11:22 AM

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