How do I optimize conversions?

After your shoppers convert, the next step is to optimize those conversions.

There are two ways to optimize your conversions:

Optimizing your Digital Advertising Mix

  • The Digital Advertising Mix is a variety of campaigns for your online advertisements
  • To optimize your digital advertising mix, you should decide which campaigns will generate the most leads after analyzing how your campaigns are doing
  • By doing this, you can determine which campaigns and conversion tools are providing you with the most leads that are within your budget

  • This table shows the three campaigns along with the conversion tool leads. You can start by adding up the total number of leads per campaign

  • If you calculate the number of Total Leads and look at the Total Digital Marketing Spend, you can divide the number and get the CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • In the table above, you can see that in Campaign A, you are spending only $20 per lead, and you are getting 80 leads. 

  • By removing the Service Digital Campaign, we can better focus on Sales Campaigns. 

  • We can see that the Total Budget is $4,800. If we shift $800 from Campaign B to Campaign A, we will be able to even out the budgets for both campaigns. 

  • You should begin tracking your leads with the new spending budget, recalculate the total leads and cost per lead. The table above will show you an example of the total leads and the new CPL.

  • By taking a closer look at your Digital Advertising Mix, you can see if your current advertising campaigns are creating enough leads
    • If they are not, then you should change your marketing efforts to test out different marketing strategies. 
    • The example above is one strategy you can try out; by re-budgeting your marketing spend on different campaigns, you can generate 10% more leads while using the same budget

Using Personalized Conversion Tools

  • A personalized conversion tool helps make the online buying experience more catered to each customer, rather than having ads that are shown to everyone
  • Using personalized tools will also result in more conversions and leads, which will lead to more vehicle sales


  • When personalizing where your visitor came from, it will increase the chance of them converting and filling out a lead form
  • If they clicked on an ad for trade-ins, then they will get a popup with a trade-in banner with a form
  • You want your visitors to stay on your website to continue browsing and to do that, you should make the experience as personalized as possible


  • Using intelligence, we have the ability to track your visitors and see how long they have been on a specific page and which pages they view
  • A user profile is created using the visitor's browser cookies which helps creates more personalized conversion
    • If a user is interested in a specific car, we can send that specific car advertisement in a popup
  • At Orbee, we offer the Pop-up Lead Form, which is a customizable tool that you can add to your website that can help your dealership personalize your shoppers' car buying experience.

Tracking Site Activity

  • Your website should have a tracker, whether it be from Google Analytics or from Orbee to see where your traffic is coming from and to understand why they are on your website
  • By looking at both context and content, you will be able to better understand your visitors' purpose for visiting your site
    • You want to see what your visitors are looking at and if they have been to your site before
      • How many times have they been to your website?
      • Are they viewing only one page, or are they looking at multiple pages?
  • Knowing what and why your visitors are visiting will help you retarget these visitors using advertising and help you better understand your shoppers 
    • This will help you optimize your conversions because you will understand your customers thus helping you determine which tools will provide the most personalized experience for them, leading to conversions and leads

By optimizing your conversions, you will get more leads and be able to make the car-buying process for your shoppers more personalized. 

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019 9:44 AM

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