Orbee's Email Click Tracking

Orbee has the ability to attach click trackers to the email campaigns that your dealership sends to your shoppers. You can connect the email address of the shopper who received and clicked on the email to the website visit, and then track their shopping journey on your website using Orbee's Platform. 

Orbee's Platform with Email Click Tracking

You can view the Click Analysis section on the Platform to select a campaign and view the data from your users. 

There are two ways we can track these clicks:

  1. We set up an email tracking system with your current email source/mediums.
  2. You choose Orbee to send out your email campaigns which automatically tracks the number of clicks.

Along with being able to view aggregated data about your shoppers, we also track their shopping journey on Website Leads and the Shopper Profile located on the Platform. 

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 11:03 AM

To learn more about email click tracking, feel free to contact us