Preparing your BDC team for the Orbee Pop-Up Leads

We will go over what you need to know to prepare for the leads from the Pop-Up Lead Form.

Pop-up Lead Form

The Pop-up Lead Form is a product that we offer that places a Pop-Up on one or several of your webpages that consists of a form along with a message. The message may contain an offer or incentive. It could also let your customers know that their questions can be answered by a team member if they fill out the form.

Preparing your BDC Team

Before we set up the Pop-Up Lead Form on your website, we believe informing your team is crucial to these potential leads.

As these leads come through to your CRM, it is important to have a plan as to how they are responded to along with quick response times.

Some of these forms may state that there is a "voucher" or "coupon" that will be sent to the customer. With one of our clients, part of their team is responsible for sending this voucher to the lead via email. Many car shoppers expect an immediate email with the coupon or voucher, so it is important to discuss with your BDC team as to who is responsible for contacting the lead and sending out of these emails. 

Another example is when the form states that they will contact the lead shortly after they fill out the form. The team will need a plan as to how they will respond, who will respond, and when they will respond to these leads. 

At Orbee, we retrieve the data from the forms and send them to your CRM, who will process the lead data. Once the data is in the CRM system, your BDC team can choose who will contact the leads.
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM


Feel free to contact us at Orbee. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Pop-up Lead Form!