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The Property Settings will allow you to change settings for each of your dealerships under the account. The subsections include:


On the Property subsection of the Settings tab, you will first see a list of properties, or car dealerships, within your car group. 

  • It will list the IDs, Name (of the car dealership), and Source (dealership website).


  • The default view for the Settings box will display Other Settings, which will allow you to create Custom Settings
    • You will be able to name your setting and put a setting value.

  • Site Settings is another set of settings that you can adjust.
    • Web Vendor: the web vendor is the company your car dealership works with to create your website
    • Dealer URL Proper: your dealership's website
    • SRP Path: the part of the URL that will lead you to the search results page
      • This will include variable symbols ; in between these symbols will be the information specific to the user's search
      • For example: {{condition}}-vehicles/#action=im_ajax_call&perform=get_results&model[]={{model}}&make[]={{make}}&year[]={{year}}
    • New Specials Path: the part of the URL that is added onto the dealer URL, leading to new car specials 
    • Service Path: the part of the URL that is added onto the dealer URL, leading to the service page

  • Management Settings will enable you to view and change your site trackers.

  • Third Party Settings will allow you to add, delete, or change third-party information. The three third-party accounts include:
    • Facebook (Fb Accountid)
    • Facebook Pixel (Fb Pixelid)
    • Google Analytics (Ua)


The Scripts subsection will provide you with the Property Scripts that your website has installed and the script installation instructions.

Property Scripts

  • The Property Scripts table will display the ID of the script, the source (your website), Implementation Type, Property ID, and Status.
  • The next part of the Scripts section is the installation instructions for your website.

  • Typically, your web vendor, the company that manages your car dealership's website, will install your scripts.
    • To do this, you would contact an Orbee representative and we will send an email to your web vendor that will look like:
    • From there, you or your web vendor can follow the simple instructions to install the scripts on all your webpages.
To learn more about installing your scripts, click here!


The Trackers subsection will show the list of site trackers that are on your car dealership's website.

  • This section will display a table that includes: 
    ID the ID number that is associated with the site tracker
    Tracker Name the name of the specific site tracker
    Version the current version of that site tracker

Last Updated: June11, 2020 6:00 PM

The next section of the Settings tab is Settings: Platform.