Roadster Integration

Product Overview

roadster express storefront

Roadster offers several digital retailing tools that dealerships can place on their website.

The product Orbee works with is the Express Storefront. 

  • The Express Storefront offers dealerships' a tool for their customers that allow the customers to build their own deals at home, in the showroom, or with an agent.
  • Customers have multiple payment options that include taxes, fees, and discounts and then allow them to choose their payment plan.
  • The customers can also value their trade-in vehicle using Roadster or a third-party trade solution
  • A secure credit application is also offered on this digital retailing tool

Integration with Orbee

Orbee's integration with the Express Storefront allows us to track when the customers select and submit. 

  • When a customer completes a "submit" activity, these will be tracked as a conversion 
  • These conversions will show up on the Platform
  • We will also be able to track if the user has started using the Express Storefront, and hasn't completed it through submission
    • You can use this data to retarget users who are interested in purchasing a vehicle 

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020 11:20 AM

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