How do we set up ADF leads?

This article will go over the process of setting up ADF leads.

Setting up ADF leads

  • To set up the ADF leads for the Pop-up Lead Form, we will be contacting you to review the information that we need to get you started.
  • We will need to know what CRM (Customer Relations Management) system you use in order to create the proper ADF leads that your CRM accepts
    • If we have previously created ADF leads with your CRM, we will be using the same format for these leads
    • If the CRM is one that we have not worked with before, we will need to remap the ADF leads for this CRM and this might take extra time
    • We will need to go through a testing process to see if the ADF leads are translating properly into your CRM and showing the information as expected
    • We will also need an email address to send these ADF leads to so your dealership can receive the leads that we obtain through our products
  • The information we will need from your CRM include:
    • First name, last name, email (or phone number)
    • Other custom fields will depend on your car dealership and what fields your CRM can accept 

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019 9:16 AM

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