What are Shopper Profiles?

Shopper profiles are created from your website visitors' browsing data which places them into specific segments.

Audience Segmentation 

An audience is created by individuals who have met a specific ruleset (set of rules), which places them into different audience segments. When users are visiting your website, they complete different actions, whether it is browsing different VDPs (new, used, etc.) or service department page. 

Once a user completes an action or several actions, they are placed into a segment. Individuals can be placed in several segments. After being placed into a variety of segments, a shopper profile is made for that individual visitor.

For example, if a user visits a new vehicle description page and they are looking at your specials page for a discount, they will be placed into a segment for new car shoppers with a discount.

*Note: If a user clears their browser cookies, the profile will be erased and a new one will be created. 

Shopper Profile

The Shopper Profile is created by an individual's preferences while browsing your website. The profile is created by the different audience segments and help us and your dealership better understand your customer. We use the profile to better understand how the customers respond to the advertisements post-action


Audience segmentation helps us serve advertisements by selecting the specific segments of those we would like to target. We can use different services through our Pixel (Orbee's script) through email, website browsing, and ads to retarget customers.

We can retarget customers through email by segmenting them into email customers (knowing they will click on an offer from the email). We can track their shopping journey to better understand what kind of shopper they are and use this information to create personalized retargeting advertisements. 

Last Updated: May 26, 2020 11:54 AM