Third-Party Conversion Tracking

At Orbee, we offer third-party conversion tracking on various conversion tools.

Event Sync

We offer the event sync for third-party conversion tools, which allows your dealership to track your visitors and obtain analytical data.

  • Some of these conversion tools are located in iframes, which make it difficult to track your shoppers' data.
  • It also makes it difficult to correlate their activity on your website and connect it to these conversion tools.
  • By choosing to set up event sync, we will be able to track your third-party lead forms to the specific advertising source.

This is why Orbee offers the event sync to synchronize the data from your website to the conversion tools, along with the assistance we can provide to get you set up with the event sync.

We also explain how conversion tools are deployed based on whether it is native, an iframe, or located on a different domain.

Integrations and Partnerships

Some of the conversion tools require contacting the vendors to provide us with access to the tool. Orbee has partnerships and integrations with several vendors that will allow for an easier event syncing process. We have the integrations and partnerships with:

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 10:40 AM

If you are ready to integrate with Orbee, please feel free to contact us!