What are the third-party integrations that Orbee offers?

At Orbee, we offer the event sync.

What is the Event Sync?

Event sync allows us to track your iframes and conversion tools that are on different domains. You can read more about conversion tools through Orbee's article on how conversion tools are deployed.

If your dealer's website has iframes or conversion tools on a different domain, it makes it difficult to track your visitors. You may also receive analytical data from those who made these tools that do not correlate with the visitors from your website.

  • For example, if Visitor A visited your website and then went to a different domain for a conversion tool, they may be tracked as a separate visitor.

How is this beneficial to my dealership?

  • By syncing the data from your webpage to the tools attached to your website, we can create a unified platform that aggregates all the data instead
    • This data is then more consistent and dependable 
    • With event sync, Orbee is able to connect these visitors based on their visitor ID, which is found from their browser cookies.

We also have an article on the process of setting up event sync if you would like to read more!

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

If you have any questions about the third-party integration, please contact us and we will answer your questions!