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What are Total Visits?

Total visits are the number of times a user enters the website, regardless of whether the user has visited before.

If the visitor refreshes or uses a history function (going back or forward on the browser) it will still be considered as the same visit.

This number changes if the user accesses your website from a different webpage or source/medium.

Total visits are also considered as visit count.

For example, if a user looks up your website from a search engine then that counts as one visit. If they go to your website again, but go through a different webpage to get there, it will count as a separate visit.

Total Visits are different from Page Views because Page Views refer to specific pages on your website, whereas Total Visits count every visit that browses your website (even if they have visited several pages).

To read about the difference between total visits and visitor count, check out "What is the difference between Total Visits and Visitor Count?"

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Last Updated: Mar 6, 2020 2:01 PM