Why is my True Bounce Rate so high?

This article will explain some possible reasons as to why your True Bounce Rate percentage is high.

One important number to look at while you are on the Orbee Platform is the True Bounce Rate

Generally, when your True Bounce Rate percentage is high, it means that users who are visiting your site are leaving within twenty seconds. This cause of this is most likely a negative reaction to your website. 

Here are some reasons why your visitors may be leaving your website:

  • Many users are using mobile devices to browse your website. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, these users are more likely to leave. When this happens, you should take a look at how your website runs with several mobile devices and adjust accordingly.
    • If your images are large and require a higher internet speed to load, users may leave because of this.
  • Another possibility is that your landing page does not match customer expectations as they enter. 
  • The website was not what they were looking for. This may occur if your website has vague keywords attached to it and may show up on the search engine even though it was not what they were looking for.
  • New visitors are more likely to bounce from your site because they are not familiar with your brand than returning visitors.

To end on a positive note, your visitor may have found what they were looking for and may have ended their browsing early! 😀 

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:22 AM