How do I make better use of the Drilldown?

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The Drilldown section of the Analyze tab is an important section because of the raw data it provides about your car dealership. 
  • There are several ways to get to the Drilldown section of the Orbee Platform. You can go to the Analyze tab and click on Drilldown. In most sections, you can also click on a metric and it will lead you to the Drilldown section.

We will be going over the table, Visits Drilldown Details

One important feature includes Columns. We will be going over every one of these columns and how they are significant in your car dealership's digital marketing efforts.

General Traffic Analysis

The first Column we will talk about today is the General Traffic Analysis.

  • The default graph for the General Traffic Analysis will display the number of Total Visits in the current date range. 

  • The table will display the Vendor (source), Program (medium), Campaign, and Visit Count
  • This Column is considered as the General Traffic Analysis because it currently only looks at which Vendor/Program/Campaign is receiving the most visits.
    • Typically the two Vendors that would get the most traffic are (direct) and google/organic. This is because customers are typing your car dealership's URL into the address bar of their browser and they are searching into Google for your car dealership.
  • The General Traffic Analysis will give you a quick look at how your traffic is doing in terms of total views.

Engagement Analysis

The next Column is Engagement Analysis. 

  • The graph for Engagement Analysis will show you Total Visits, Intent Count, Conversion Count, and Bounce Count.

  • The table will display the Vendor, Program, Campaign, Avg. Time Engaged, Avg. Num. Pages, Bounce Count, Bounce Rate, Intent Rate, Conversion Rate, Conversion Count, and Visit Count.
  • These metrics will show you how each Vendor/Program/Campaign is doing. These metrics are important because:
    • If your car dealership is spending a large amount of money on marketing and advertising from other companies, you would want to know how high the bounce rate is compared to the number of total visits.
    • If your car dealership is getting a large number of visits, but many of those visits are also leaving your website within 20 seconds, then there may be a discrepancy in those visits. 
    • You can also look at the Intent Rate and Conversion Rate to see which Vendor/Program/Campaigns are more likely to get customers to browse your website and complete a converting action.

  • You might want to view a specific metric based on the ascending or descending number order. To do this, click the name of the metric.
  • If the arrow beside the name is pointing down, then it means the number is displaying from highest to lowest. If the arrow is pointing up, then it is displaying from lowest to highest.

Landing Page Analysis

The Landing Page Analysis gives you information about how your landing pages are doing.

  • The table will show the Page URL, Page Tags, Avg. Time Engaged, Avg. Num. Pages, Bounce rate, Intent Rate, Conversion Rate, Conversion Count, and Visit Count. 
  • These are important metrics because it will show which landing pages are doing well and those that are not; once you have which pages are not doing very well, you can try to optimize your web pages for the best user experience.
    • If a specific landing page has a high bounce rate, it could mean that users are not finding what they need on your page.
    • You should also consider taking a look at the conversion rate for your landing pages because if the number is higher than other pages, you should be able to see what is working on those pages and compare to the webpages that may be struggling to get conversions.

    Device Type Analysis

    The last Column for the Drilldown section is the Device Type Analysis.

    • This is an important section because you can analyze the current devices that are currently being used to access your car dealership's website.
      • With this information, you will be able to better optimize your website for the best user experience. When shoppers visit a website, they want the ability to browse and access your website easily.
        • For example: If a user is browsing on a mobile device, they are expecting each button on your website to work as expected. They are more likely to bounce if certain functions are not working properly.

    • On the table, it will show you the Device, Device Type, Device Version, and Visit Count.
    • Looking at these numbers, you can see which devices and device types are most popular. You should consider checking your website on that device type to see if it is optimized.
      • *Note: You should also try to check your website using cellular data instead of WiFi because your site images may be too large and take too long to load for the user. If this happens, users may want to leave your website and look elsewhere for their car needs.

    Customize Columns

    You can customize the Visits Drilldown Details table by selecting the three-column icon and selecting Customize Columns.

    • This is the default view for the Customize Columns. On the left side of the Customize Columns for Visits Drilldown Details, you will see  Dimensions and Metrics

    • Clicking the arrow to expand the Dimensions will allow you to check or uncheck different Dimensions to show as a column
      • You can also do this for the Metrics column options as well
      • Once you have selected your options, click the Apply button.

    • On the right, it will display Your Selected Columns. You can drag a column to adjust the order. You can also click the "x" circular icon to remove the column.

    • Changing the columns can be useful when comparing specific metrics or dimensions that may be important for analysis. 

    Last Updated: Dec 9, 2019 2:44 PM

    The Drilldown page will help you better analyze the data from your shoppers and will help you determine your marketing strategies when used correctly. If you have any other questions regarding the Drilldown section, contact us!