How do I best use the Lead Reactivation Report?

The Lead Reactivation Report provides you with important shopper information.

About the Lead Activation Report

The Lead Reactivation Report is an essential product that Orbee provides for your car dealership.

  • Every morning, we send an email to your car dealership with details about who has been recently shopping at your car dealership.
  • To prompt these emails, the shopper would have had to come back after submitting a form.
    • What this means is: The first time a shopper submits a form with their information, we will not send an email regarding that information. We wait until the user revisits your website before sending an email containing the Lead Reactivation Report.
  • The report will include an email of the shopper, when a form was submitted, when the shopper first visited your website, and the last time he or she visited.
  • It will also include the URL when they submitted the form and the VDP (Vehicle Description Page) URLs. 

How to use the Lead Reactivation Report

The Lead Reactivation Report is important, especially when it provides the exact car that the shopper was looking for. 

  • If the user has been browsing your website for an extended amount of time, you should be able to note that they are very interested in your car dealership and the cars you offer
  • You can use the Lead Activation Report by sending emails about the vehicle, any price changes, if the car is almost sold out, and more!
  • Once you have this information, your car dealership can reach out to the shopper with their car interests in mind. From there, it will be your job to get shoppers to come to the dealership in person to purchase a car.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

If you have any other questions about the Lead Reactivation Report, please feel free to contact us at Orbee.