What are VIN specific advertisements?

This article will describe and explain the significance of VIN specific advertisements.

What are VIN specific advertisements?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) specific advertisements are ads that have precise information about the vehicle displayed. These advertisements link directly to a VDP (Vehicle Description Page). Most car shoppers know the vehicle they want along with the specifications, and VIN specific advertisements help them find exactly what they are looking for. 

How are they beneficial to my car dealership?

VIN specific advertisements are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Shoppers are able to find the specific vehicle they are looking for along with the specifications, mileage, and price
  • There have been studies that found VIN specific advertisements have an increased click-through-rate as compared to standard specific paid search advertisements
  • VIN specific advertisements are unique because of the identification number attached to it. With this, the advertisement is going to be placed at a better rank on search engines
  • Retargeting to users who have been to your website and looked at a specific car is much easier with VIN specific advertisements
    • When users have browsed your website looking at these vehicles, advertisements of those specific vehicles will be served to the shoppers 
    • Serving advertisements using this method is more relevant for the customers because they have previously viewed these vehicles on your website
      • Shoppers tend to ignore advertisements that are not relevant to what they want, so if you serve advertisements that are generic, they are more likely to ignore these advertisements

How does Orbee manage these advertisements?

At Orbee, we help manage your advertisements with the assistance of our developers, graphic designer, and customer operations managers. 

  • The customer operations managers at Orbee set up the vehicle sets for these advertisements using the Orbee Platform. You also have the ability to create these vehicle sets using the Platform.
  • Using this information, the graphic designer will create advertisements based on vehicles from these sets.
  • Customer operations will upload and create these advertisements for your car dealership and set them live
  • The developers at Orbee take the vehicle information from the inventory feed and these vehicle sets to ensure that these vehicles are still available.
    • If a vehicle is sold, the advertisements will stop running. This will prevent you from paying for that vehicle's advertisement after the vehicle is no longer available 

Last Updated: Dec 9, 2019 5:45 PM

Having VIN specific advertisements can be very beneficial for you and your shoppers. If you have any questions regarding VIN specific advertisements, please feel free to contact an Orbee representative.