How does Orbee send return shopper emails?

This article will explain how Orbee sends return shopper emails to your shoppers.

Return Shopper Emails

As shoppers visit your website, they will need to complete a few actions before receiving a return shopper email.

  1. The first action is filling out a form, which is considered as a converting action. The shopper would have to complete this action in order to receive a retargeting email.
  2. The second action that the shopper would need to do is to view at least one VDP (vehicle description page).
  3. After viewing a VDP and filling out a form that includes the shopper's email address, that same shopper will receive an email the following morning that includes the VDP(s) that they viewed.

A Few Notes

  • Orbee will only send a shopper 1 return shopper email a week
    • Even if the shopper visits your website again, we will not send another email until after 7 days has passed
  • Not all users who are considered as conversions will receive these emails
  • These emails are not a sales follow-up, but rather emails that will be sent to your future or returning customers 
  • It is Orbee's priority to make sure we never spam your shoppers with emails

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 11:46 AM

If you have any more questions regarding return shopper emails, feel free to contact an Orbee representative.