Why should my dealership integrate with Yelp and Orbee?

This article goes over the benefits of integrating Yelp with your dealership and Orbee.

The Benefits of Yelp Integration

Enhanced Profile

  • Graphic of Yelp's Enhanced Profile featureEnhanced profiles allow your dealership to remove competitor ads on your Yelp page
  • This is also in addition to a branded account, which includes a branded profile, a Call To Action button, a photo slideshow, and about the business profile information
  • The dealership will manage the enhanced profile

Cost Per Click Advertising

  • You will be able to go through your campaign performance with a designated Yelp ads specialist
  • Negative keyword targeting will allow you to get more control over where your search ads appear and drive better quality leads
  • For first-time Yelp advertisers, there will be eligibility for a CPC promotion
  • There is upgraded tracking capabilities and analytics for better performance and on-demand reporting
  • Ability to customize CPC campaigns
  • The data from the CPC campaigns from Yelp will display on the Orbee Platform so that you can compare and view the metrics all on one platform. The metrics include:
    • User views
    • Click for map/directions
    • Click to initiate a phone call
    • Better insights and analytics, which will help your dealership make decisions 
  • Orbee representatives will manage your CPC campaigns for Yelp    

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:17 AM

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